What We Do

Problem formulation and definition

Often half of the solution is correctly formulating and defining the problem. We excel at understanding the relevant issues and framing the questions that need to be answered in a concise fashion that, if correctly answered, lead to constructive results.

System Technology Engineering

The SAZE team considers multiple solutions by mapping all combinations of existing and potential technologies that can produce the desired capability. We can effectively determine the combinations that produce the best solution while maintaining the flexibility to yield multiple options.
Mission Performance Analysis, CONOPS and Requirements

SAZE Technologies LLC has the experience and capability needed to understand and model the interactions between CONOPS, requirements and mission performance. This allows us to demonstrate the different combinations of CONOPS and requirements that can be used to meet a performance objective

Signal Processing

Our team of research fellows, scientists and engineers have decades of experience in the fields of statistical signal processing, filtering, array processing and harmonic analysis. We are active in researching and publishing new results in these fields which gives us an edge in bridging theory and application to yield superior results.

Sensors Systems

Sensor systems come in a multitude of sizes, complexities and modalities. The SAZE team has extensive experience designing, implementing, testing and interfacing with everything from single to multi-sensor acoustic, RF and optical systems.

Communications Systems

The SAZE team is actively involved in the research and development of a number of RF and optical communications systems. Our expertise runs from systems and performance analysis through to developing and testing new modulation, coding, processing, multi-user access and networking schemes.

Experiment planning and execution

A former Cornell University professor once said that “Real data is an insult to good theory”. At SAZE we believe in bringing theory and experimentation together. The best theory accounts for real-word effects, making experimentation key to validating the underlying hypotheses and analysis. The SAZE team is both adept and experienced at experiment planning and execution, from the setting of objectives, through designing experiments (to meet the objectives), to detailed test planning and finally reliable execution of the experiments themselves.

Data analysis

Our experience tells us that a data collection event is unlikely to produce a perfect data set. At SAZE Technologies we take an exhaustive approach to data analysis by first ensuring the data sample is well understood and controlled. Our approach includes conducting quality control, excluding or correcting problem data, understanding the underlying physics and phenomenology and characterizing the statistics of the data sample prior to final analysis

Program Management

SAZE Technologies, LLC aims to manage all aspects of our projects including technical, personnel, financial and schedule in an exemplary fashion from start to finish. SAZE accomplishes this through:

1) Using the latest IT tools to ensure coordination of contributors – both within SAZE and across to our partners, and

2) Applying internally developed “Earned Value Management (EVM) Lite” techniques appropriate to the scale and objective of the project. We voluntarily report our Cost Performance Index (CPI), Schedule Performance Index (SPI) and Earned Value (EV) on all projects in our monthly reports, giving our customers easy-to understand insight into progress.